BID to be re-evaluated

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

With the Business Improvement District caught in limbo, city officials will soon begin contemplating its fate.

Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton plans to open discussion on the subject with council members soon, likely at their Sept. 21 meeting. The need to discuss changes comes in the wake of former BID manager Kim Queen’s resignation, which has left the downtown business tax rudderless.

Stapleton said a possible partnership with Boise State University may prove fruitful in bringing the public’s voice into the conversation. She is in contact with a graduate student group interested in conducting a survey of BID members. Their assistance in information gathering should provide a scientific and thorough analysis to guide decision-making.

Since Queen’s departure, the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce, which houses  BID management, has contracted workers to enact BID programs using freed-up salary funds, according to Chamber President Kate McAlister.

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