Authorities warn against scam calls

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be wary of calls claiming to be from one of its deputies.

According to a sheriff’s office press release, some of the calls are made by a man claiming to be “Deputy Bowen” in the “Warrants and Citations Division.” He usually says that the recipient of the call owes fines for “failure to appear for jury duty.” If left as a voicemail, the caller asks the recipient to contact him at 208-223-0200.

In another recording of a voicemail, the caller identifies himself as Brian O’Connor and insists that the recipient needs to address an urgent legal matter.

“This is in regard to a legal matter that must be rectified today,” the caller says in the message.

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office warns residents to not give out any personal information or money to anyone claiming to be a deputy before verifying their identity. The office recommends calling Bonner County Dispatch at 208-265-5525 if any suspicious activity takes place.

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