Shelby for mayor…

Dear Editor,

In the past weeks, I’ve explained what we’ve accomplished in my 8 years of public service. I’ve laid out my vision for keeping Sandpoint vibrant.  But that doesn’t fully capture why I’m running for Mayor. I’m running because I care deeply about this place. I want to see Sandpoint succeed. This community has given me so much that I want to give back.

I was born in Idaho, a fourth generation Idahoan. I graduated from University of Idaho and moved to Sandpoint in 1999 to start Common Knowledge Bookstore and Cafe. That’s how I got started in local politics. The café inspired many enlightening relationships and conversations among such a diverse group of people that shared one thing in common. They all care deeply about Sandpoint. The more I engaged in civic affairs, the more I was asked to take on responsibility.

I built my political platform serving food and drinks in the café. I listened to the stories, the problems, the dreams and the ideas of thousands of residents.   Through it all, I’ve learned that we need to preserve what makes Sandpoint special: our high quality of life and our strong sense of community. We need to balance growth with affordability. We need to protect our history, our tradition and our environment while embracing technology and innovation. We need to keep Sandpoint vibrant.

I learned so much listening to you all in my café and around town over the years.   As your Mayor, I’m going to keep listening. I will work to change the culture at City Hall so that citizens feel heard and engaged.  I want people to feel as comfortable in City Hall as they were at the café.

Shelby Rognstad

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