Error in Statistics…

Dear Editor,

I apologize for my letter to the editor on March 22. In that letter I stated 80 million people are members of the NRA. I was wrong. There is an estimated 80 million people that own guns. The NRA claims about 5 million members. However, the NRA is very vague about the true numbers, stating annual members, but they leave out lifetime members and other memberships. According to a Pew research center, more than 14 million claim NRA membership.

I still standby my March 22 letter. These numbers still make the NRA the largest terrorist organization. No longer will getting an A-plus rating from the NRA get a politician elected. It will cost you votes. That may not happen in Idaho soon, but it will happen in the not to distant future. “The times, they are a changin’,” in the words of Bob Dylan.

Marty Stitsel

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