Win $100 with our 2019 media survey

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

Every year around this time, the Sandpoint Reader teams up with SandpointOnline to host a media survey. We try to ask as many people as we can which forms of local media they use regularly. In exchange for taking three minutes out of your day, we enter all those who take the survey into a drawing to win $100 worth of dining and drinking certificates from MickDuff’s (good at either the Beer Hall or the Brew Pub).

To take part in the survey, log in to this link:

Why do we harass you every year with this survey? Well, to start with, we care about how you consume local media. We’re always interested in what forms of local media you read, watch or listen to, and especially what your thoughts are on that media. We want to know if you have trust in local media, and if not, why. 

We also want to know what percentage of the regional population reads us regularly. This is really beneficial for our advertising director, Jodi, who can point to results and show potential advertisers that our publication is consistently among the top of the field every year. Since 100 percent of our funding comes in the form of advertising, we’re always looking for ways to show our potential advertisers that their ad dollars are well spent.

Most importantly, we appreciate receiving your comments at the end of the survey. You’d be surprised how much importance we put on reader feedback. We listen to your comments for story ideas, for ways we can improve and for features you’d like to see in the future. While a quarter of the comments are from trolls doing what they do best, the other three-quarters of comments are usually quite insightful and filled with great ideas for future stories.

Some of the trends we’ve noticed over the years have been encouraging. The first year we did the survey, about 58 percent of those who participated said they read the Reader regularly. Last year, the same question generated a response of almost 70 percent.

So, do us a solid and set aside three minutes of your day to take the media survey. You can either enter the link directly above or go to our Facebook page and click on the link. We’ll pin the post to the top of the page the next week. Even if you don’t care a spit about local media, it’s an easy chance to win $100 worth of drinks and food at MickDuff’s.

Thanks for your time.

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