The Straight Poop:

The quest for dog friendly businesses in Sandpoint

By Drake the Dog
Reader Pet Columnist

Where am I going to take my humans today? With Google maps in hand, my mission is to sniff out dog friendly business in Sandpoint. Now that the Mr. and Mrs. have a dog, they daydream about strolling downtown with me—a coffee in one hand, and a leash in the other.  Never fear business owners; the Mr. always has poop bags in his pockets!

Today we are off to one of my favorite places—The Cedar Street Bistro, owned by Tim and Manuela Frazier. CSB is located on the first floor in the Cedar Street Bridge.

Tim and Manuela Frazier of Cedar Street Bistro.

Tim and Manuela Frazier of Cedar Street Bistro.

This place is love at first sight. The sign on the entrance door says, “Pets on leash welcome!” (I’d rather be off leash—but what the heck). The Bistro was one of my first outings this summer. We wanted to have lunch, a latte, and gelato and enjoy the sunny afternoon.We sat at the outdoor patio tables with the yellow umbrellas.Yellow brings back fond memories of the Shelter’s “Adopt Me” yellow vest that I wore the day I adopted the Mr. and Mrs. at the Yappy Hour.

After we got settled, the Mrs. got out the traveling water bowl for me and we played ‘Shakapaw’, my only trick. Hence, I always give an Oscar winning performance to the ‘Shaka’ because it is always followed by a treat or two! The Bistro staff brought us lunch, and then BAZINGA! Wind, clouds and rain—Seattle weather in Sandpoint! Tim came outside, took down the umbrellas, and invited us to come upstairs to the pet friendly Loft. WOWZA!  This place is THE BARK! It overlooks the entire Cedar St. Bridge! I can watch all of the local and tourist activities, the smell aroma of coffee, and socialize with really cool little people who want to pet me.

The Loft has cozy carpeted floors, tables, chairs, and outstanding customer service! Tim, Manuela, and the staff always remember our names. There are no “Hello My Name Is” stickers for this team!  (Note to self; doggie treats would go great with coffee—please). The Mrs. and her friends like this spot because Carousel, a trendy women’s boutique, is adjacent to The Loft! (I’ll give you the Straight Poop on the Carousel in another column).

During our stroll downtown last week, I suggested to the Mrs. that we return to the CSB with my pure bred Shi Tzu dude friend Harley, and his mom Anne. Since Harley has such short little legs and has to water every planter, walking one block downtown seems like forever. Finally, we arrived and climbed the stairs to The Loft. Halfway up the stairs we were greeted by some of SHS girl’s volleyball team members! Shaka Paw, and slobbery kisses all around! We all enjoyed treats, coffee, and conversation. CSB is a great place to spend Dog Day Afternoon in any weather!

So here’s the Straight Poop.  When you visit the CSB, bring your own bowl (we can’t drink out of restaurant dishes), tell your humans to clean up after you, bring your inside voice, and yes guys, keep those leashes on.  Enjoy!

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