Near drowning incident at City Beach

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

For the second time since the Fourth of July weekend, a near-fatal incident was reported at Sandpoint City Beach.

A man was reported to have run into the water in the section of sand beach outside of Trinity at City Beach and dove prematurely, hitting his head on the bottom.

“He landed on top of his head and injured his neck,” said Sandpoint Police Chief Corey Coon. “He was coming into consciousness as they were putting him on the gurney.”

Selkirk Fire, Rescue and EMS Chief Ron Stocking also confirmed the incident, stating that the unidentified male victim was transported to Spokane via the LifeFlight helicopter.

The incident comes just two weeks after a male swimmer was brought back to life after a near-drowning at the same beach. Sandpoint City Beach lifeguards were credited with rescuing the swimmer’s life.

Due to the incident, the Sandpoint City Council postponed an award ceremony on Wednesday honoring lifeguards for the rescue two weeks ago.

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