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Dear Editor,

In the almost 40 years that I’ve lived in Bonner County, having voted for numerous candidates to serve on the Bonner County Commission, there have only been two women elected to represent my interests of fairness, cooperation, sustainable growth and spending, and sound leadership. They included Susan Macleod, a Democrat, and Marsha Phillips, a Republican.

In my mind, there is something essential about having a woman leader in the County Commission. Not only do they represent the voices of half of the population here – women – but they also listen to the men, as well. Women truly bring a different, more cooperative energy to the table. They are good listeners. They aren’t just the run of the mill “good old boys” that we’ve seen a lot of this past decade, who run roughshod over the public good.

It’s really time to elect a woman like Carol Kunzeman to the Bonner County Commission. She is seasoned for the job. I may not agree with all of her issues, but at least I can have a decent conversation with her, and she considers my opinion, something I cannot say about her opponent, Dan McDonald, one of the worst commissioners I’ve seen over the decades, rivaled only by Todd Suddick and Cornel Rasor, who the electorate eventually removed from office. Please join me in voting for a woman leader, for a real sea change. Vote for Carol Kunzeman.

Jane E. Fritz

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