Brad Little For Gov…

Dear Editor:

In this upcoming election, there is only one clear choice for the next Governor of Idaho. Brad Little is far and away the most qualified candidate in this race and will provide the leadership Idaho needs moving forward. As a rancher and businessman, Brad understands the proper role of government to allow for economic opportunity and prosperity. He has taken his background in private industry into government to ensure good, strong conservative leadership for the state. As a senator and lieutenant governor, he is the only candidate with both legislative and business experience, which will be key in assuring success as Idaho’s chief executive.

Brad Little is the only candidate to release specific, tangible education initiatives that will benefit Idaho. Brad will ensure Idaho maintains its responsibility to public education by promoting more access to career technical education, increasing dual credit opportunities, raising teacher pay, and ensuring all kids are reading proficiently by the end of third grade. Brad Little is serious about improving education in Idaho, and that is exactly the mindset we need from our next governor.

We all served in the Idaho Senate with Brad Little and respect his ability to make government work efficiently for the citizens of Idaho. Brad knows the state of Idaho, from north to south and east to west. We applaud Brad’s dedication and work developing Idaho’s economy as lieutenant governor and strongly support his commitment to create job opportunities and a quality of life that keeps Idahoans in Idaho!

Please join us in voting Brad Little on May 15.

Sen. Shawn Keough
Sen. John Goedde
Sen. Jim Hammond
Sen. & Lt. Gov. Jack Riggs, MD

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