2nd Amendment Regulations…

Dear Editor,

As a Marine vet with multiple carry permits I go everywhere armed. That said, I would like to see much tougher gun laws. To wit:

Universal background checks for every transfer of a weapon from one party to another of any kind anytime that include all local, state and federal agencies going back 15 years.

Mandatory combat arms course under stress for any person applying for a carry permit.

To buy or carry a handgun you must pass a rigorous written exam covering all applicable gun laws, maintenance, operation and possible consequences of displaying and or using the weapon.

A self-funded psychological exam from an approved certified and licensed psychologist or psychiatrist renewed every five years.

To own any weapon, you must carry liability insurance that at a minimum protects innocent bystanders’ property and all expenses from any accidental or unlawful shooting by the owner of the weapon or any other user.

Any person convicted of any violent crime, including any domestic violence, shall be forever considered a prohibited possessor of any weapon including all guns and blades.

All long guns limited to a three-round capacity. No accessories designed to silence any weapon or increase its rate of fire shall be permitted under any circumstances.

Long mandatory sentences for the violation of any gun law.

If these rules and regulations do not dramatically reduce gun violence in the country within two years of implementation, I would favor the repeal of the Second Amendment along with a generous buyback program and a short period of amnesty to surrender all weapons.

I consider my children, their children and your children more important than my guns or your guns. Here are some pertinent points of logic to consider when thinking about gun law reform. In this country, we have a constitutional right to freedom of movement. More often than not, that movement takes place in a motor vehicle. Because motor vehicles proved deadly when used by impaired or incompetent operators, we came to regard the use of such as a privilege that required proof of competency and the obtainment of insurance to protect the lives and property of others.

Dan Creamer

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