Eat, Drink and Be Local with Litehouse

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff Writer

Litehouse Foods might be homegrown, but the company’s wide influence and popularity is undeniable.

But Litehouse is getting back to its roots to bring locals a contest catered to being just that: local.

Eat, Drink and Be Local is a chance for people to dine at 23 local restaurants that use Litehouse products and then log those visits on a stamp card for a chance to win a sizable prize. Once participants collect 15 stamps, they can enter into a drawing for a $3,000 Visa gift card. Or, they can keep going and visit all restaurants (equaling a “blackout” on the stamp card) and be entered to win $5,000.

All participating restaurants carry Litehouse products, and if they have an asterisk next to their name on the contest’s official website — — they mention Litehouse on their menu. At these locations, participants can pick up two stamps.

Those interested can pick up a stamp card at the Downtown Litehouse Cheese Store, or at one of the participating restaurants. To read the contest’s official rules and see a complete list of places to dine, visit

Foodservice Assistant Brand Manager Krystle Turnbull said stamp cards have already been distributed to Litehouse employees, so 300 people and their families are already potentially playing.

“I think (Eat, Drink and Be Local) gets people excited to experience different restaurants that they might not normally visit,” she said. “I’ve already heard stories of people really having fun.”

Litehouse’s Eat, Drink and Be Local contest will run through Nov. 30.

“It’s a great way to support our local restaurants,” Turnbull said. “And potentially win $3,000 or $5,000!”

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