DMV offers mail-in renewals

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Have a driver’s license that expires in November and December but worried about recent troubles at the DMV? No worries: An option to mail in driver’s license and ID card renewal applications could save time and effort.

Citizens with licenses expiring during the time frame should receive a form to complete the mail-in renewal. Otherwise, the forms are available at county offices that process driver’s license applications and renewals. Officials will later decide whether or not to extend the service to additional months.

It’s the latest effort to alleviate frustrations since the botched roll-out of new DMV technology.

“This system failure has at no time been the responsibility or fault of our County Sheriffs and their staff,” wrote Idaho Sheriffs Association President Kieran Donahue in a press release. “The combination of vendor software failures and upgrades to other software have not been able to achieve what either the Sheriffs or ITD would have expected for a system which supplies such vital service to the citizens of the state.”  

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