Chairs for Charity raises $146K

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

A piece of Schweitzer history is paying off big-time for local nonprofits. 

Announced by Schweitzer Mountain Resort at the end of the winter season, Chairs for Charity, which sold off double-seat chairs on the Snow Ghost lift due to be replaced, wrapped up with $146,000 heading to local nonprofits. Each chair sold for $2,000, a price Schweitzer fans were all too willing to pay for a relic of winter joys past. 

“The response to the program was overwhelming,” Schweitzer Family and Activities Director Dani Demmons said in a press release. “We knew we were asking a fairly substantial amount for each chair, but the community really rallied behind Chairs for Charity, and we couldn’t be more grateful.” 

The proceeds from the program will be split between a variety of local nonprofits. Program managers selected the beneficiaries with an eye toward organizations that support land protection, the outdoors, animal services, education, the arts, youth sports, health care services and community support services. 

  Thanks to the enthusiastic response, the full allotment of chairs put up for sale have been locked down. A few chairs remain, the majority of which will also go to nonprofits as big-ticket auction or raffle items. 

“Some of those chairs have yet to be auctioned off, so there are still chances for people to not only win a Snow Ghost chair but also to continue giving back financially to the local nonprofits,” Demmons said. “We are so proud to have been an integral part of this wonderful and generous display of community support.”  

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