As a student…

By Simon Eaton
Reader Contributor

Kids laughing as they think up new ideas for projects, soft instrumental music playing to help students concentrate on their geometry test, lively debate thriving in government class: These are a few of the sounds of Forrest Bird Charter School. It’s a school filled with happiness in learning and curiosity in all sorts of new and exciting business fields.

Colorful art collaborations line the halls. Quotes are displayed in the most unlikely of places. Teachers embrace and encourage the learning styles of their students.  Our local charter school is a free place for those who are ready to learn, a home for students who excel in working with others and with projects. Classes include grossology with the middle school science teacher, psychology with the high school U.S. government teacher, and a study on personalities with the high school counselor. Our school brings in students and treats them as they would their own family, offering new options and wonderful class options, helping them along if need be. Classes are inclusive, and other students are gladly welcoming to newcomers.

This is a school that takes in students and turns them to the community, encourages them in volunteering and working to reach their goals, guides them along a path towards college and higher career paths, but they also are aware that you need to start at a smaller point in order to grow in any particular area.  When it comes to high schoolers and their jobs, they even have an option where you can offer a certain amount of hours, and they will list it as an elective credit.

While it is not for absolutely everyone, the Forrest Bird Charter School carries itself steadily, bringing different options to students. Within the middle school, there is the choice to be able to start taking high school courses early on, if they are motivated enough. Early college courses are also available in high school if your grade point average stays high enough. It’s an early opportunity to earn college credits, as well as valuable practice with the support of their teachers prior to graduation. Just this year, there will be four seniors graduating with their associate’s degrees, for which they have worked hard. This will open up more opportunities for them sooner rather than later in life, and will make it much easier to reach their other goals.

Our school has some quirks that people might see as an issue — a stricter dress code, slightly longer school days, electronic access days — but they make things easier on us in the long run. Now, whenever we go to work, we are ready for a dress code that has its limitations. Our school breaks are longer thanks to our days being longer, and the electronic access days allow more freedom in which order we get to complete our classes, along with giving us more time on assignments. As a student, I believe I can say that the Forrest Bird Charter School is a wonderful place that has helped many students grow to be better and stronger people ready for the world, and is ready to help more.

Simon Eaton is a sophomore at Forrest Bird Charter School.

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