Look at the Facts…

Dear Editor,

I write this letter in support of continuing the supplemental levy that is up for renewal on March 14. This levy is not new. It is a replacement of an expiring levy – one that has been approved every two years for the past 17 years. The school district has been very forthcoming with the information on this levy, and if by now you still do not know what is involved, I encourage you to look at voteourschools.org or lposd.org. In-person absentee ballots may be cast Feb. 21-March 10 at the Bonner County elections offices at Division and Highway 2.

I write this to bring out one of my reasons for supporting (in addition to common sense). My husband and I are childless. Because of that, when we chose to move in Sandpoint in 1984, we honestly did not care what the schools were like for our personal lives. But we value good medical care and good businesses to sustain the local economy. How can we attract professionals and businesses to our area if we demonstrate that children are not that important to us? How can we foster a true community across ages and income levels if we treat our students and teachers with disdain?

I realize that the best students will shine no matter what their environment. But I think we owe it to ourselves to provide a place for students to excel because of their schools, not in spite of them.

Donna Parrish

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