Hate-filled Flyers…

Dear Editor

Recently one of my neighbors and I were the recipients of hate-filled and disturbing propaganda. Someone left racist leaflets, carefully protected in plastic, in our respective driveways. These flyers primarily targeted African Americans but not only them. Why were we selected for this act? The only overt commonality between us that was different from our neighbors is that we both chose to display Love Lives Here yard signs. Is that the reason?

No matter the motive, as a direct result of this action, my husband and I have made donations to both the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force and the NAACP. We have made a commitment to donate either our time or money each time we witness prejudice or bigotry in our community. I invite your readers to join us in making a statement that we will not tolerate discrimination, intimidation or the denial of equal protection to anyone living in our community by contributing your time or money to organizations working to support human rights and end racism.

Krista Eberle

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