The Straight Poop: Home Sweet Home Consignment

By Drake the Dog
Reader Columnist

Where am I taking my humans today?  

Spring has sprung. It’s time for the annual ritual of spring cleaning. While the Missus started with the refrigerator and the pantry, the Mister spiffed up the convertible. It’s amazing what mystery items hide away in the corners. 

Rich and Linda Gendreau inside Home Sweet Home Consignment, with Drake, of course!

Now it’s time to tackle the big stuff. Can you guess where we’re going?

1. The average life of one of their products is 56 dog years 

2. This product will host 782 visitors in its lifetime

3. And this piece will be center stage for eating 1,261 meals

4. A car dealership used to operate on the current site  

5. Unique treasures of many spring cleanings will be found here

Did you sniff out the answers?  Ding, ding, ding: The answers for one, two and three is couch! Now for four, five, six: get up couch potatoes, raise your dust rags, we’re on our way to Home Sweet Home Consignment, located at 205 Cedar St. in beautiful dog friendly Sandpoint. 

Rich and Linda Gendreau have owned the store since 2007. Sage, their 14-year-old Siberian Husky would greet me when we came looking for furniture for our home. He enjoyed being the official shop dog. Now he’s a pampered pet and takes dog naps in the comfort of his own home sweet home. 

As Realtors in the Bay Area, Rich and Linda frequently visited their favorite Los Altos consignment furniture store. They loved the hunt (kind of like me), finding treasures not only for the homes they were staging but for their own doghouse as well. When they moved to town, Linda’s brainchild was to open a similar store, where folks can experience a unique and convenient way to sell and purchase previously-loved quality furniture, home décor and jewelry. This place feels like a home, hence Linda had the name Home Sweet Home, before they opened the store.  

Today Realtors come in to find treasures to stage their homes. Customers say this is their favorite store because it is filled with unique, cheerful and interesting items. And if you ask Rich and Linda to describe their inventory, they’ll tell you that Home Sweet Home Consignment “is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what’s inside” until you visit. Run, Forrest, run! You’ll be like a dog with two tails in here!

Guidelines for consignment items are:

• Smoke free.

• Clean (Grandma’s featherbed is OK, because we didn’t get a lot of sleep here).

• No broken, thread bare, clawed, chewed or scratched pieces .

• Current, vintage and/or antique furniture.

•Jewelry, precious stone, cool costume pieces and even wedding rings are accepted.

Want to make some extra cookies?  Bring in your furniture — 60% of selling prices goes to store and 40% to seller, while décor is 50-50. Items are kept approximately six months, or longer depending on weather and snowbirds’ schedules.

Home Sweet Home has always been dog friendly, especially when your fur-babies are:

1. Friendly and well behaved.

2. Are on leashes.

3. Toting their own blankets to sit on the rugs and not the furniture.

4. Not laying down a paw on the couches or shedding 50 shades of fur.

For further information contact:

[email protected]

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Wait, wait, wait: Stay tuned for the rest of the story in next month’s Straight Poop!  See you on the second floor!  

Hugs and slobbery spring dog kisses.


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