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Dear Editor,
There has been a lot of talk lately about the politics of this region, and I am writing in regard to what I have heard.
First, I would like to address the fear-mongers among us. We are all part of the United States of America, whether you like it or not. Moving here to North Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Eastern Washington or Eastern Oregon does not change that fact. Cloistering, stocking weapons (supposedly to protect your loved ones against insurgents), building steel and concrete bunkers, hiding behind Christianity and using fake names when you write letters to the editor or publish online propaganda does not change that. It creates in your own mind paranoia that you are being stalked by a government gone wrong.
Let me allay your fears. You are not being stalked. You are being used, manipulated and persecuted by your own mind and the minds of others who have a hateful agenda. Wake up, folks. See a counselor. You need help. If you want to affect a change in the United States of America then become involved with your community. Be happy. Be interested in the future of our nation and vote. Don’t hide behind this false wall which separates you from everyone else. Be kind, not hateful.

Marlene Petersen

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