Terry Ford for Sheriff…

Dear Editor,

Questions have recently surfaced about whether Terry Ford’s 35 years’ experience in law enforcement has prepared him to oversee the Sheriff’s Office budget, the largest in the county. Worry no more!  Let me tell you why.

Terry understands how to develop and balance a budget, having successfully done so for over 10 years in his own business. The Shingle Mill Kennels provided training for scent detection dogs, subsequently purchased by law enforcement agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Terry was co-founder of the Pacific Northwest Police Detection Dog Association (PNWPDDA). This organization generated revenue when law enforcement agencies sent teams for annual training and certification. In both cases, Terry was responsible for overseeing expenses including hiring trainers, reserving training venues, promotion of the programs, and communication among member agencies. Terry played a key role in the development and management of both budgets.

More recently, Terry has performed extensive research of the Bonner County Sheriff’s budget.  He has not only studied figures for the current fiscal year, but also numbers dating back to the beginning of the Sheriff’s current term. As taxpayers, his discoveries would concern you. For example, he has discovered that for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the Sheriff budgeted approximately $95,000 for overtime pay.  That is disturbing enough, but what is even more upsetting is that almost $300,000 was actually paid out.  This means that Sheriff Wheeler overspent in just the overtime pay category by $200.000!  One wonders how many deputies could be hired with those funds to enhance the patrol presence in the county.

Terry has attended county budget meetings and workshops, including those for which Sheriff Wheeler was on the agenda, yet didn’t show.  Terry has met individually at his request with county commissioners to discuss how funds could be better allocated.  Have you seen any evidence of a fiscal plan from Sheriff Wheeler?  Terry will be a good steward of your tax dollars. He will work hand in hand with commissioners and colleagues to develop and implement a sound budget.

Vote for write-in candidate, Terry Ford for Bonner County Sheriff. Fill in the box and write “Terry Ford” on the line.

Nancy Piatt


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