Support Terry Ford…

Dear Fellow Bonner County Residents,

I am supporting Terry Ford for Sheriff of Bonner County. It is seldom I talk about personal issues but I think this is relevant.

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. I had to go to Spokane for surgery which left my loving husband alone with the terrifying thought of possibly losing a second wife to cancer.

Enter, Terry and Debbie Ford. They provided moral support, breakfast and companionship for my husband and brought him to Spokane to the hospital to visit me, so he would not have to make the long drive by himself. They came and picked me up the day I was released and continued to check in with us thru the radiation treatments and recovery.  I call them friends!

They are loyal, authentic, honest people with great compassion and good hearts. They are actively involved in our community and care about their friends and neighbors and North Idaho.

Terry is a man of integrity and experience. 25 years with the Idaho State Patrol brings a wealth of knowledge and training in working with people and in identifying major areas which need revamping. People don’t have to be great public speakers to get things done.  They need to roll up their sleeves and get to work. What you do want, is someone who is honest, forthcoming, and will not use their office of authority to intimidate, abuse, or exploit others.

Check out and read “What Does Terry Ford Stand For.” It will give you an in-depth look at what he will do as Sheriff of Bonner County.


Marlene Petersen

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