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Dear Editor,

I support the $55.1 million plant facility levy for LPOSD because it is necessary and vital to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our students to learn. Yes, it is a lot of money, but it is an investment in our schools. I am retired and no longer have students in the district, but this is important. Several buildings have been rated unsatisfactory; Sandpoint Middle School currently has the lowest physical condition score of all the schools in the district. Problems have mounted due to failed attempts to pass levies over the years, not because the administration has mismanaged funds.

To see facts and photos of the deteriorating facilities, visit the websites of Citizens for Better Schools: and LPOSD: (Facility Master Plan Info). In response to the notion that the district “should live within its budget,” remember the state does not provide funding for capital improvements. Consequently, the budget does not include funds for remodeling, replacing, or building schools. It is the responsibility of tax payers. Passing a levy means the money stays local without filtering through Boise. These proposed upgrades will ultimately save taxpayers money in maintenance and operation costs.

The LPOSD maintenance department works endlessly to keep schools looking good and functioning well for students and staff. We need to step up to the plate to fund the replacement of three schools plus maintenance and upgrades for all schools district-wide. Investing in our schools is an ongoing process. Join me in voting YES on Aug. 30.

Julie Menghini

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