Scott Has To Go…

Dear Editor,
Heather Scott, our representative for Idaho House district 1A, has got to go. She is not a conservative. Though I do not agree with conservatives on most issues I do confess that there is such thing as a practical, compassionate, common sense conservative. Heather Scott has none of these qualities.
She is totally off the hook! She pulls gay people aside at events and privately tells them they are going to burn [in] hell! What kind of public servant says such things! She poses in photographs in front of the Confederate flag. Idaho was never a part of the Confederate States of America, nor was it even a state during the Civil War. We are in the Northwestern United States, not the Southeastern U.S. for crying out loud! I lived in Tennessee for nine years and read the bumper stickers displaying the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia reading “Heritage not Hate”, and I can kind of understand the message in a way. But she’s not even representing a southern state, so what else could it mean?
Heather Scott actually believes in conspiracy theories! She has publicly spoken out against our beloved public lands and decried land conservation as a part of the U.N. Agenda 21. Ah, yes, the United Nations Agenda 21, where the great and powerful United Nations Army and their blue helmets are going to nefariously force every rural person off their land and create some kind of super-global national park while simultaneously forcing everyone to live in skyscrapers in the city. And, of coarse, the evil liberal billionaire George Soros is financing land acquisitions in Bonner County! What a bunch of infinite nonsense! Yes, Heather Scott actually believes this paranoid BS!
Worst of all she visited (and endorsed!) Ammon Bundy and his Mother Earth-hating thugs during the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge occupation in Oregon. These redneck white privilege, white entitlement and white destiny criminal degenerates illegally seized a part of our national heritage by violent force. Heather Scott sympathizes, considers them victims and even endorses them to this day! Again, Heather Scott is not a conservative. She is Neo Confederate, comically hyper-traditionalist, homophobic, Mother Earth-hating dominionist, paranoid-schizophrenic wacko! Just look at how her supporters stalk and confront her opponents. One of them was strapped with a handgun and confronted a 90-year-old lady. What a useless coward! Well, I’m not afraid of Heather Scott and her goons. I’ll say whatever the hell I want. I support Kate McAlister, and I’m proud! I ‘m an an avid environmentalist and an ultra-liberal, and I’ll be damned before you get an apology out of me. In fact I’m going to put my Kate McAlister sticker on my truck right now. Go ahead try to start something with me at six feet, two inches and 260 pounds. You’ll find out I’m a grizzly bear!

Jack Green

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