Pro Life in Sandpoint…

Dear Editor,

Some folks have got very upset about the signs that a pro-life group have been displaying at the Farmers Market. I have seen one article in the Sandpoint Reader and then another opinion letter in the same periodical. I noted that both seem to come from folks that seem to be against the group protesting. I want to provide some possible perspective about why we should be so thankful that the protesters are in an area that forces parents to have that conversation with their children.

In the opinion letter dated August 11, 2016 Crystal Rosenau provides details of having to tell her children, of impressionable ages, that abortion is a personal choice and itís safer to have a legal abortion. Hmm I wonder if the children were horrified of what they saw and that their mother was essentially saying it is OK to murder you own child. No one can argue that the end result of a wanted or unwanted pregnancy is a child, does not matter when you think life begins, the results are the same 100% of the time.

I am not a member of the group that protests at the Farmers Market, I have protested at the Planned Parenthood in Spokane, am I pro-life yes I am and proud of it.

Now let’s get to the real organic meat and heirloom potatoes of the issue. This is a country founded on principles that are found in our Constitution, we can protest!! You see if you wanted to take the time to protest the protesters you could and that is your right. Do you think that people that are protesting want to be there? Do they not have things that they would rather be doing? They are there to put a stop to premeditated murder of innocent people that are not getting a voice.

In both articles the big issue seems that the Farmers’ Market is losing money, and Crystal even said as much, or I wonder if people are just getting tired of paying too much for overpriced vegetables and can find organic vegetables at almost all of the local markets including Walmart or we can grow it ourselves.

Justin Bates
Priest River

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