Notorious BID…

Dear Editor,

I was just noticing the beautiful flower baskets prior to reading your article “Notorious BID.” I laughed and was angry at the same time—sort of like reading the “Deep Thoughts” from the same issue.

I assumed the quaint Winter Carnival was put on by volunteer organizers and entertainers, but even if they do need $20,000 to run it, that means each flower basket is around $5,000.

It is hard enough for city businesses to make it without this excess tax, and I think that Creations and the Reader do far more for the business district than this tax.

If I were a business owner I would be tempted to do the Boston Tea Party thing and toss these outrageously high priced flower baskets into the lake (from the mini Statue of Liberty), but that would be a sad sight—they are beautiful flower baskets.

Keep making the city beautiful, everyone! Pick up trash, do sidewalk art, play your instruments and busk out—this is our town!

Jodi Rawson


Jodi, while I suspect you’re just being funny, your math is off by quite a bit on cost per flower basket. According to Kim Queen, manager of the Sandpoint BID, the flower baskets cost $50 apiece, not $5,000 apiece. 

Comparing these flower baskets with similar products, you’ll find the costs to be in line with the norm. 

Also, since six baskets have already been stolen this year, I would not advocate tossing these baskets into the lake from the mini Statue of Liberty. Seems like such a waste of beautiful flowers.

-Ben Olson

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