No to Levy…

Dear Editor,

Lake Pend Orielle School District has proposed a $56 million levy on taxpayers to fund their new capital expenses. This would increase taxes for six years, in addition to taxpayers already supporting their operational budget; a hefty request.

LPOSD has proposed an enormous sports facility. This will eliminate a recently built baseball/soccer field. Sports programs need to have the majority of their funding by the participants, families and supporters. LPOSD is not pursuing “bond” loans, which would lower the rate for taxpayers. Why not? Why has LPOSD neglected maintaining existing buildings to the point where they think they need to be totally rebuilt?

LPOSD scheduled the voting date of Aug. 30, which is Labor Day weekend, when end of summer vacations are common. Was this by design or happenstance? I believe that it should be mandatory that LPOSD inform all Bonner County taxpayers by mail of their proposed levy, its costs and tax rates. Their minimum requirements for advertising are not sufficient to inform the people of the enormity of this tax levy.

Property values are once again being reassessed, which could create a massive burden on all taxpayers in Bonner County. All taxpayers should have a vote, not just county residents.

Steve Frye 

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