Firearm Free Sandpoint…

Dear Editor,
In response to Chris White’s liberal diatribe (according to Samuel Hogue), my take, if you live in such an insecure world that you have to arm yourself to feel safe, I suggest that you move somewhere else. Try Sweden, England, Germany or any number of countries (Canada? Maybe Antarctica) that somehow remain very secure without the need for the common citizen to arm themselves.
We can thank the NRA for this gun feeding frenzy that we are currently experiencing. If the NRA was willing to work at common sense gun laws rather than outright opposition, they would have much more general support. Who needs an assault weapon with 30- or 50-round clips? OK, you can have your AR-15, but only with three- or five-round clips if you feel the need to fulfill your Rambo aspirations. I myself am a gun owner, but I refuse to use any business that knowingly allows guns (concealed or open) in their business.
I would happily join Jeff Koons in protesting or boycotting businesses that allow guns in their place of business, and I feel that there would be a lot of support for such a move.
Support a firearm-free Sandpoint by supporting businesses that prohibit firearms on their premises. To Samuel Hogue, we don’t need people who think like you do on this planet, PERIOD.

Marty Stitsel

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