Expletive deleted…

Dear Editor,

My letter in the Oct. 8th Reader had an [expletive deleted]. For some reason two words right before the expletive (the little) were included in the [expletive deleted]. I can maybe see an argument for little (I really can’t), but THE!?

What was the [expletive deleted] that bothered the Reader… the “f bomb” with an er at the end. I suggested some asterisks between the f and the er but that was shot down as apparently the Reader doesn’t want its readers using their imaginations.

And then what do I see on the next page? Scarlette Quille using the “f bomb.” I’m confused Reader, why was it OK for you to print Scarlette Quille’s “f bomb” but not mine? Why the double standard?

Lee Santa

[Reader response]:

Oh Lee, I do so enjoy your neverending siege on small, meaningless details (Yes, that’s sarcasm, in case you can’t figure it out). If you read our masthead, we will not print letters that include any obscenities or libelous material. We don’t make that claim for our columnists and feature writers. We also explained this to you in detail when you came into our office last week. That should explain the “double standard” you refer to. We do, however, have a policy of publishing every reader’s letter to the editor, no matter how annoying and trolling they are. You have obviously been aware of this policy, with your constant attack on anyone and everything that either doesn’t meet your approval or doesn’t listen to jazz. My suggestion? Instead of nitpicking every pedantic little detail about everything, why not increase your understanding of logic and critical thinking and put together a well thought out piece of journalism?

Long story short; if you want to swear in the Reader, become a better writer and send us something worth publishing. Until then, stick to libel-free PG letters to the editor. Capisce? [Ben Olson].

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