Don’t Stay Home, Vote…

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Bonner County, I am asking other voters in this county to vote in favor of the supplemental school levy increase on March 14.

I am a retiree who has moved back to North Idaho after many years and always appreciate what value came to my life as a result of some great teachers I had growing up here. Having lived many years in a suburb of a mid-western city with an above average school system where the cost of property taxes was at least twice as much as Bonner County, I think the increased cost of this levy is a minimal amount for the benefits derived to the community.

If Bonner County has a good school system, businesses and other groups will want to move here. The employees of these organizations will want the best schools for their children. Property owners will benefit from increased property values. For current residents, the increased educational value of the school system would help children get a better choice of career and/or higher education options.

The LPOSD administration has done a good re-evaluation of the needs in the system and now presents a reasonable funding request to the local community. Consolidating smaller schools, laying off teachers and compromising extra-curricular activities are not good options, if this levy does not pass.

Those who favor this levy should absolutely vote “yes” and not assume that staying home from voting does not matter.

Dave Pietz

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