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Dear Editor,

“Friends of Sandpoint Dog Park” have been meeting for several months to formulate a proposal to the City and the Parks Department to create an off-leash dog park in Sandpoint. The group was given the opportunity to present the proposal initially to city council in workshop format at the June 7 council meeting. Overall, the response to was very positive. No voting or decision-making took place at that time.

The preferred site is an underutilized stretch of Lakeview Park behind Memorial Field between the boat launch and the water treatment facility.  The group has handed out fliers in the adjacent neighborhood, also with overwhelmingly positive response. Ultimately the group needs a commitment from the city, designating the site before they can move forward with grant writing or fundraising efforts. They hope to work with Kaniksu Land Trust to obtain 501c3 status making donations tax deductible. Phase one would be focused primarily on fencing and access to drinking water.

An off-leash dog park would be a much-needed addition to Sandpoint’s public spaces. It would provide opportunity for dog owners to exercise their canines in a legal and socially enjoyable environment. We need this folks! Please support the effort by coming to the City Council meeting next Wednesday, June 21, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. Also check out their Facebook page “Friends of Sandpoint Dog Park”. Your dogs will thank you!

Margie Corcoran

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