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Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to Barack and Michelle Obama by a Sagle resident, who also wished for it to be a letter to the editor in the Reader:

Dear President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama,

I’m 81 years old and live in Sagle, Idaho, with my husband. I just had to write you to tell you how much I appreciate all the wonderful things you have done for this country. You and the First Lady have always been so inspiring in hundreds of different ways. I have enjoyed keeping track of you for a very long time.

One of the first times I saw you was on the “Oprah Show” and knew you were something special at that time. I thank you everyday along with our younger son and his wife. They campaigned very hard for both your elections.

Thank you for ObamaCare, which our older son has the privilege of obtaining. You have saved him and we’re grateful.

I truly wish I could express my feelings more because this doesn’t do you or the First Lady justice for everything you’ve worked so hard for. You and the family are leaving the White House but you will never leave my heart. I wish you and yours all the best things life can bring.

Very sincerely,

Shirley Holt

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