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Dear Editor,

The Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports the renewal of the Lake Pend Oreille School District Levy. A ‘yes’ vote on March 14 will replace the current levy and help the school district maintain our academic programs, technology and extracurricular activities.

This levy funds one-third of all district staff, all academic and athletic extracurricular activities, all curriculum and instructional materials, as well as professional development and instructional coaching. It funds technology internal network upgrades, fiber network implementation, hardware, software licenses and entire department staff. Without the levy the situation is bleak.

The Chamber Board of Directors believes facilitating quality outcomes for K-12 students in Sandpoint is vitally important to the business community and economic development for our area. Local businesses would be greatly impacted by the loss of any staff or teaching position.

Quality education is also an economic development issue. Existing and prospective businesses indicate a high-quality school system is an essential component when making expansion and new development decisions.

It is also difficult to recruit management and skilled employees when applicants are apprehensive about the quality of our schools. We must continue to invest in quality education and extracurricular activities to stay competitive in business growth and continue to attract new development and commerce to our region.

The Chamber Board of Directors believe in keeping taxes low and being responsible with public funds. Considering the alternative to the levy, our vote was unanimous.

Please join us and vote ‘yes’ on March 14.

Ken Wood – Chairman
Michelle Sivertson – Vice Chair
Patty Hutchens – Secretary
Jacob Styer – Treasurer
Mandy Evans
Stephen Snedden
Jim McKiernan
Margi Gunter
Chad Foust
Robin Hanson

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