To Bonner County Voters…

To Lake Pend Oreille School District voters,

On May 16 the Lake Pend Oreille School District will hold an election for new trustees. Normally this would be a small, inconsequential election that not many voters notice. However, this year it has a much more serious bent. For the last 10 or 15 years, this district has had very good school superintendents as well as supportive and progressive school boards of trustees. This combination has turned what was a less-than-stellar school district into one of the best in the state; we’re proud of this, and we want it to continue. Unfortunately, there are some people running for school board of trustees who belong to or align with far right groups (tea party/redoubt movement) that do not support funding public education at levels that produce the success we’ve had in this school district.

Both Victoria Zeischegg  and Anita Perry wrote letters to the editor opposing the recent school levies [Daily Bee 8/16/16,  8/26/16, 11/10/16, 3/10/17 ]. Pay attention to what they say in print! They may think they can do a better job with less money but they haven’t said how. Underfunding and eventually defunding public education is not a viable option (unless you want to declare the system broken so it can then be privatized).

We urge supporters of public education to vote for trustees who will perpetuate the excellence we take pride in, and not to vote for those who want to take down what we have worked long and hard to accomplish. We support the following candidates for  LPOSD Board of Trustees: zone 2: Gary Suppiger; zone 3: Lonnie Williams; zone 5: Cary Kelly. Our kids’ futures and our future business climate both require excellence in education.

Support our great schools, get out and vote May 16 for Suppiger, Williams or Kelly!

Marty Stitsel, Sandpoint

Don Douglas, Sandpoint

Krista Eberle, Sandpoint

Erik Daarstad, Sandpoint

Marlene Petersen, Sandpoint

Debra Douglas, Sandpoint

Louie Baribeau, Sandpoint

Foster Hepperly, Sandpoint

Emily Faulkner, Sandpoint

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