An Open Letter for Gov. Otter…

Governor Otter,

Thank you for your important and courageous veto against the “Bible-in-Schools” bill.

I live in Sandpoint and am a retired professor of physics from the University of Idaho. As a scientist, I could envision that if the Christian Bible were brought into a science class, a public-school, a science teacher might show that many of the claims in the Bible are not physically possible. I am aware that senators deleted references to using the Bible in astronomy, biology and geology classes, but could be used in literature, comparative religion, history, music, ethics and philosophy classes. I can easily imagine that my colleagues in English, Philosophy and even in the other included subjects could make counter claims based on what we know to be true in science. I don’t think any of us would enjoy the controversy that might ensue should a teacher point out such inconsistencies in the Bible.

I am tired of those bullying and radical legislators who wish to impose their religious views on the citizens of this State, which includes non-Christians and non-believers.

Thank you for supporting the Separation of Church and State Principle codified in both the Idaho State Constitution, as well as the U.S. Constitution.


Philip A. Deutchman

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