Single in Sandpoint: The Lost in the ’50s challenge

By Scarlette Quille
Reader Columnist

Single In Sandpoint’s First Annual Lost In the ‘50s Challenge
Directions: Complete challenge items and write your score earned in corresponding column. Or use your smart phone to capture each challenge and post to INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK:  #SIS50schallenge2018

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BONUS — S.I.S. Drinking Game:

Guidelines for S.I.S. Drinking Game:

1. Any  time someone in your group says a phrase such as, “I used to drive/have a 1976 Impala,” (or any classic vehicle) your entire group must drink to that.

2. Any time someone in your party says the following words: social media, kale, legalized marijuana, smartphone, selfie, Facebook, Prius, Trump, organic, hashtag, Kardashian or virtual reality, that person must finish their drink or receive a slap.

3. Anyone in group who is approached by a co-worker, former teacher, ex-lover or inlaw must finish their drink before speaking to that individual.

4. Anyone caught complaining must pay for the cab ride home.

Good luck, be safe  and enjoy a weekend of debauchery … you earned it.

Scarlette Quille

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