Sandpoint PD receives award

The Sandpoint Police Department is getting a little credit for going the extra mile.

The city announced this week that local police will receive the 2016 Tom McTevia Memorial Award. An honor given to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to helping people with disabilities, the award ceremony will take place 12 p.m., July 29, at City Beach. The ceremony is part of a picnic that will run from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and include free food, prizes, live music, face painting, wheelchair basketball and more.

Local police earned the honor for their efforts in helping legally blind veteran Bill Yeager secure a seeing-eye dog. Yeager was approved to receive a guide dog earlier this year. However, because other loose dogs in the neighborhood had a tendency to rush the pair, the dog needed to be returned.

In response, local police launched an education campaign to make neighbors aware of the situation. They also conducted additional patrols in the area and initiated a proactive animal control campaign across the city. Thanks to their efforts, Yeager will receive a guide dog this fall. [CR]

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