Re-discovering your inner dreamer

By Fawn Miller
Reader Contributor

Remember when you had limitless dreams about what your life would be like someday? You know what I’m talking about—those dreams about becoming that one thing that lit you up like a firefly by merely thinking about it.

Those days when you fantasized about doing something that truly fulfilled you and fuelled your fire.

Those colorful visions that inflated you with passion and zest and gusto and practically beamed out of your pores.

Those yearnings for experiences that you promised yourself you would have: exotic travels, adventures with friends, living in a beautiful home or rustic mountain cabin, running a successful business doing what you love, making a difference in the world, laughing and singing around bonfires and dancing beneath the moon.

Remember those kinds of dreams? You may have to close your eyes and reeeallyy dust away some cobwebs, but I know they’re in there somewhere.

And did you (like so many of us) lose sight of those dreams? Set them on the back burner and forget that they were cooking? Get caught up in the hustle and bustle? Have some major setbacks? Lack the support you needed? Feel too scared or too small or too inexperienced or too inadequate to actually go for them?

Chances are, they’re still around, peering out of the shadows, giving you that solemn, puppy-dog stare. Or perhaps they’re like a siren, wailing, “Hey you! Yes YOU! Remember me?! I’m your dream! We used to hang out all the time! We had so much fun! In fact, I thought we were in love!? What the heck happened?!”

If so, take a deep breath, I’m about to tell you a few things that might strike a chord. Ready? #1) You’re not alone #2) Your dreams are still possible #3) They are waiting for you to make them into a reality and #4) You CAN make them into a reality!

Now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “Oh gosh, there’s just no way, I’ve got this and that and the other thing keeping me from even knowing where to begin, let alone reaching my dreams!” And to that I would like to tell you (with all due respect) that I don’t believe you. Not one bit. I’m not buying it. And I mean this in the nicest way possible. How can I make such bold claims? Because I truly believe that you can achieve your heart’s desires and that deep down you know how important they are to your life’s story! I place my bets in your favor that with some vision, clarity, strategy, and determination, you can be bounding down the path to designing your dream life in no time!

Still doubtful? What if I told you that there is (almost) always a way to create what you want regardless of your conditions or circumstances? That according to historical fact, some of the most prosperous people and greatest world-changers of all time took their dreams by the horns for the first (or hundredth) time in their 50’s, 60’s and upward, and that others came from dire circumstances that most of us cannot even fathom. Most experienced countless successes as well as failures. They dared to dream, and they dared to chase those dreams. Now it’s your turn.

And so I boldly ask you: what would you love? What dream, passion, purpose or calling stirs within you? Play with these questions throughout the next couple of weeks and let your imagination run wild. The first step in building a dream is to know what the dream is, to feel it, to see it clearly in the mind’s eye. In my next article I will talk about what to do once the dream is rekindled.

To your dreams!

Fawn Miller, C.P.C.


Fawn Miller is a Sandpoint native and professional Life Coach serving people who are ready to jump-start their lives, connect with their passions, align with their purpose, experience true prosperity, and have a positive impact on the world. She would love to hear your questions, comments, and stories. Fawn can be reached at:

 [email protected] 

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