Mike’s Corner: The Spider

By Mike Wagoner
Reader Contributor

One day, I discovered a spider, the likes of which one may never see in a lifetime. There it was, dutifully and methodically replacing one torn masterpiece with yet another.

Does a spider go about its day unwittingly, with no anticipation of the future, or recognition of the past? Are its innate signals coming from something perfectly patient or just a haphazard entity, a blind ambition that has somehow stubbled upon success?

How it senses what to do, I was never meant to know.

It’s a little unsettling, witnessing such a thing, for it reminds me of my staggering insignificance.

On a bad day, I wonder as I wander, trying to intellectualize myself out of the dark. One a good day, I just take a few things on faith.

Mike Wagoner has a dual personality. By day he is a science teacher and by night a singer-songwriter. He has recently moved to the area from Nashville, where he taught school and did studio work on the side.

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