You Are Not Alone…

Dear Editor and Mindy Cameron,

I was deeply moved by Mindy Cameron’s article in the Opinion section of the Jan. 26 Reader. Even though I was in Idaho during the disappointing and shocking inauguration, my feelings and response leading up to Jan. 21 were very similar to Mindy’s. I remember going to bed on Nov. 8 in shock and dismay. I tossed and turned all night. I woke up on Nov. 9 misty-eyed, depressed and angry. I refused to watch the inauguration on Jan. 20 and instead I proudly marched in the streets of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho on Jan. 21.

Thank you, Mindy, for sharing your experience with the readers of the Reader. You are certainly not alone during this oppressive and unenlightened time.

Patricia Hennings

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