Yes For Schools…

Dear Editor,

Please vote YES on the upcoming school levy. We have deferred building/renovating many of our schools for so many years that they are in a state of disrepair and no longer function in an efficient manner. The needs of the three schools scheduled to be rebuilt are far different than they were in the 1950s when these schools were built. It is not cost efficient to try to “fix” these schools. They have outlived their usefulness. The new buildings will be far more energy efficient, safe and will address the needs of students and teachers today. The schools whose lives can be extended by fixing subsystems (heating, electrical, roofing, etc.) will have those things addressed.

In addition, all schools will have single entrances to maximize safety and security.

Any delays in addressing these problems are going to cost us a lot more money in the long run. It is time to meet our responsibilities and take care of Sandpoint’s children.

Hali Karr

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