How the world gets better…

Dear Editor,

Ancient wisdom suggest: “When all else fails – read the directions.”

I believe common sense now suggests a way to find  “The Directions.”

First, every human being is invited to answer personally and courageously one little question: How would you like the world to be? (From the heart—important stuff—just pretend it!).

Then we facilitate the asking and answering of this question all the world around. We do this—one person, one voice—beyond the powerful politicians and pundits can be quiet and listen. We will all listen very carefully—because our answers are “The Directions.”

Please note, this question is not about “all that’s wrong and who’s to blame.” We’ve had enough of that. That’s how politicians get elected and war and most other stupid misery happens. This question cuts through all the “us vs. them” in the world (and maybe more). It’s about finally learning how we, the people of this planet, would like it to be here!

So simple a question and so obviously profoundly fundamental—so why have we never asked? Perhaps because it cuts to the bone and we feel all the world’s pain that comes from never asking. Simple question, yet not easy, is it? Not when hearts feel broken by the bad news and poisoned by the fear. Be brave. Answer anyway! It will help us all get started if we listen to the children answer first.

We’re at the exciting part of our story with “the Fair Lady in deep trouble, time for heroes,” etc. and it’s just us. Lots of us. Seven billion or so and nobody likes how it’s going (rather begs the question, yes?)

Our technology puts us all in the same room. Let’s use it! But please, also face to face, in person too, all of us everywhere, “How would you like the world to be?” From the heart—important stuff—just pretend it!.

Listen to each other.

Greg Flint

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