Women’s March…

Dear Editor,

N.ID Women’s March on Saturday was a great success with 956 attending rally and peaceful march here in Sandpoint. Our theme “First She Marched – Then She Ran!”  grew from the concept that we as women want greater involvement in our government designed to be “for” and “by” the people. At 51 percent of the population, we’re clearly challenging for a more balanced viewpoint.

The biggest motivator for many women grew from a year of frustrations witnessing Trump’s personal conduct and his dysfunctional administration. From his divisive racist remarks to his braggadocius approach on nearly everything, we’re fed-up with the bully effect on our society. Families are hurting. None of his behavior is acceptable as an example for our nation’s children.

It was time to roll up our sleeves. For starters, a small group of local women took on the task a month ago to organize this event. Just to clear-up misconceptions floating about, here are the facts: We were not recruited by anyone outside the area, nor did we receive outside funds. None of us are recent transplants from another state or country. Neither Hillary or Barack were topics of discussions, nor did we screen for party affiliation. Personally, I call myself “independent”. To the best of my knowledge, all who attended came from North Idaho area to represent themselves. I know of no arrangements for chartered buses, but I’m certain our committee would have liked it had it occurred.

Now, the hard work is ahead as we gather our energy to “POWER to the POLLS”  and “Reclaim Idaho!”

Rebecca Holland
Chair for N.ID Women’s March Committee

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