Weather Manipulation…

Dear Editor,

I read with equal parts horror and hilarity “A Market-Driven Approach to Fight Climate Change” Sandpoint Reader, April 27. Hilarity at the pigs-can-fly nonsense contained in the article, and horror at the realization of how many people have been taken in by one of the greatest misdirects of all time.

For decades, the military/industrial complex has been manipulating the weather on a global scale. This is accomplished by a program of high-altitude aerosol spraying. The second assault on the planet is the various world-wide installations which beam powerful radio waves into the ionosphere, called “ionospheric heaters,” also known as HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Many have eagerly jumped on the well-funded bandwagon of man-made-warming/climate change, thought to be caused by greenhouse gasses, and the evil demon carbon. If the left-wing, socialist dream of instituting a tax on carbon ever becomes a reality in the U.S., you can kiss this already sputtering economy and your freedom, goodbye.

I urge anyone who wishes to know the truth about weather manipulation and control to visit any of these websites:

Cort Gifford

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