So you want to ban the AR-15 (update)…

Dear Editor,

Referencing my letter to the editor, from March 22 this year.

Quote “So you want to ban the AR-15? Let me tell you what you’re up against. You’re up against the National Rifle Association’s five million members, all paying at least $30 annual dues. That’s $150 million annually. Many contribute more or, like me, are life members. Most are single-issue voters, for the Second Amendment, and they write letters, phone and email their/our representatives. There is not a single gun control group that has this level of financial support or individual dedication.”

From NPR, April 20: “Most Still Favor Stricter Gun Laws, But It’s Fading As A 2018 Voting Issue. While almost half of all registered voters (46 percent) say a candidate’s position on gun policy will be a major factor in deciding whom to vote for, that number is down 13 points from February, when a shooting at a Florida high school sparked outrage.”

So you want to ban the AR-15?  Apparently, not so much.

Chris Mielke 

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