Vote Yes for LPOSD Levy…

Dear Editor,

LPOSD needs your vote on March 14.  Like most districts in Idaho, supplemental levies are necessary to maintain existing staff and programming.  This levy funds one-third of all district staff, all academic and extracurricular activities, technology and all curricular materials, and professional development. It provides for teaching, learning and student wellness and it ensures appropriate class sizes and the opportunity for electives.

LPOSD ranks 24th out of 110 districts in Idaho.  Sandpoint High School ranks seventh among high schools.  This is impressive considering our levy rates are well below the state average.  This shows the great value we get for our investment.  We must be vigilant in funding education if we want to be prosperous in the future.  Please join me and vote YES on the LPOSD Supplemental Levy March 14.

Mayor Shelby Rognstad

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