Vote For Russ Fulcher…

Dear Editor,

As we approach the primary election on May 15 and are faced with many choices for the 1st Congressional District’s open seat, only one stands out above the rest. Over the past four years, I’ve had the privilege to get to know Russ Fulcher on a political and personal level. I can honestly say that Russ is a man of integrity, and has an exceptional proven conservative record. Russ has been endorsed by conservatives on the national, state and local levels. Nationally, Sen. Ted Cruz and Congressman Raul Labrador have stood up and endorsed Russ. Conservative heavyweights FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth have given Russ their full support, as has Second Amendment advocate Dick Heller. Russ is a pro-life champion and has earned the formal endorsement of Idaho Chooses Life. Our strongest Liberty Legislators in the Idaho House and Senate are all advocating that Russ Fulcher is the only true conservative choice. Locally, Russ has been endorsed by our Legislators Rep. Heather Scott and Rep. Sage Dixon.

We need a Congressman in Washington, D.C., whose character has been demonstrated by what he does and one who has been serving the people of Idaho rather than self-interest. Vote for Russ Fulcher for Congress on May 15.

Victoria Zeischegg

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