Vote for Kate…

Dear Editor,

Two very different candidates are running for election to the Idaho House of Representatives seat 1A. There are basic differences in their beliefs and how they will represent all residents of District 1. Before casting your vote take time to consider what the future Bonner County, Legislative District 1 and the state of Idaho should look like.

Is your vision of the future one where your children and grandchildren have educational opportunities that enable them to succeed in a 21st century economy? Will there be roads and bridges on which you and your family can safely travel? Are there public lands that we can freely access and enjoy while benefiting economically? Is there a thriving economy with a growing middle class benefiting from higher wages and new and retained business? Will your government be transparent, effective and responsive? This is Kate McAlister’s visions for a better Idaho.

Kate has been a worker and leader for Bonner County for over 20 years. She has shown herself to be very effective in creating opportunities for Bonner County workers and businesses. She knows the value of a dollar. Our education, business, charities and arts are better because of her. She reaches out. She listens. She collaborates with others to build consensus and makes good things happen.

Vote for a better Idaho. Vote for Kate!

Ken Meyers

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