Vaccination woes…

Dear Editor,

Formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, baby fetal tissue and monkey kidney are some ingredients in vaccines. Ingredient side effects may cause autoimmune and neurological disorders, cancer and death per vaccine inserts. 1950-60s people had two vaccines, 1980s children received ten injections. Today, children receive 53 by age five!

Articles such as Harrison Berry’s exploded all over the country. Big Pharma donates millions to politicians. Doctors are trained by Big Pharma-sponsored programs. Children are easy tardets for huge profits. News media is bought!

During the Disneyland Measles outbreak, Media shouted “major epidemic” of 160 (mostly vaccinated). Not reported was CDC Scientist Whistle-blower, Dr. Thompson, admitting research proving the Autism/Mercury connection was trashed by the CDC. It was surprising when Dr. Carson mentioned debunking claims since Congreeman Posey came forward in Washington with evidence requesting a Congressional Hearing (7/29/15). Mercury quietly disappeared from childhood vaccines.

Two studies in other countries compared the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated proved healthier. CDC refuses to do a study because they can’t find enough unvaccinated children. Sounds like Bonner County is a good place to start! There’s reason parents are shouting concern, and many have dug deep into research.

The U.S. gives more vaccines to children than other countries. Our children have more disorders than other countries while health costs continue to soar. Williams proclaims the principal of herd immunity, which is only a theory. Many vaccines have “live viruses” known to shed for several weeks posing risk. Parents of unvaccinated are willing to take the risk. An unvaccinated child does not equate to disease-ridden varmints.

Mumps, measles and chicken pox were no big deal, most people had all three in the 60s. Rarely were there side effects. Polio vaccine released the SV40 virus and our cancer epidemic.

Big Pharma and doctors are free from liability due to vaccine injuries and death. Parents want to keep the choice of which vaccines to inject into their child. Few parents are anti-vax.

Educate yourself and read package inserts.

Michelle Mandolf


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