Us vs. Them, Or Just Us…

Dear Editor,

Albert Einstein once observed: “If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we keep getting what we’ve been getting.” Oh my!

So if “what we’ve been doing” is “us versus them,” how’s that working for us? It seems what we’ve been getting is thousands of years of division, fear, hate, horror and death. The rich get richer, and the people and the planet get screwed.

Why? Divide and conquer and divide and rule go all the way back. As always, it’s how scum rises to the top. Always we are told some version of: “Those people want something different! Be angry, be afraid and vote for me!” And yes, we sweet, loving liberals do this, too!

Ancient institutions work to feed the fear and keep things this way, e.g. politics, media, military, weapons makers and saddest of all, sometimes churches.

We know this. The point is, do we want to change it?

Because one little question cuts through all the “us versus them” we’ve ever thought there was! A question whose time has come:

“How would you like this world to be?”

Does this seem a strange, childlike question? Want to hear the children answer? This question is to the bone fundamental, vital and urgent, and we’ve never asked! Let’s ask.

So, bravely and from the heart, just imagine your answer. Speak it, write it, sign it and share it. Then we listen to each other all the world around. What we hear will change everything!

If you’d like to help this happen, call me (208) 290-2936.

Greg Flint

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