Un-American Sentiments…

Dear Editor,

There are a lot of decidedly un-American sentiments running amok in the last issue that need to be addressed.

In response to Ken Thatcher: You are wrong. We do not need less firepower, we need more. Do you recall the history of the Revolutionary War? Did the British government have more or less advanced weapons than the Americans? If you answered “the same,” you would be right. Now why do you think the British tried to confiscate the Americans’ weapons? Do you know the history of this? That is why the Second Amendment was added. In case the government gets out of hand and you need to fight back FAIRLY.

The government claims an individual should not be able to own a full auto rifle or even tank or cruise missile because they make you afraid some crazy guy will use it to harm people. WAKE UP: It’s to control you more easily. States are the biggest instigator of violence in the history of mankind. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS DEAD in the 20th century alone at the hands of collectivist states. Despite popular belief, the wild west had very little crime because everyone was armed with the most advanced tech of the time. If you never know when a just person (who VASTLY outnumber the sick people you talk about) is going to blow you away after the first shot on an innocent crowd, people would not do it. How can you accept Agent Orange almost starting nuclear war with North Korea and be complaining about 10 extra bullets? Brainwashed by state.

In response to Erik Daarstad: Everyone, ignore this disingenuous preaching for more government control of your lives. Guess where the funding for all those programs comes from? TAXES. Norway has insane taxes. Further, if the government controls all those perks, then, obviously, they control them, NOT YOU. You get no or fewer choices than a market. PLEASE, someone respond: Why do so many people want others in control of their lives? What is so hard about keeping your hard-earned money and making your own choices on health care and whether you want to go to school or not or use birth control rather than be essentially a pet owned by the state that controls every aspect of?


Anthony Capricio

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