Two Things…

Dear Editor,

1. We have become a nation of wussies. We have replaced fear of our shadows with fear of immigrants. We have become such a nation of cowards that we run around like Chicken Little screaming “the immigrants are coming, the immigrants are coming” led by the example of our Draft Dodger in Chief. Trump is making America hate again.

Those screaming the loudest are the biggest cowards and in most cases, esp. with those on the right, never served in the military. What are you afraid of? What’s the matter with you; can’t you take care of or defend yourself? Trump is a fear monger and those who buy into it are the biggest wussies. Find a backbone, learn how to take care of yourself and stop your whining. Put your money where your mouth is and serve our country via a branch of the U.S. military.

Tea Partiers and Redoubters are some of the biggest wussies. They became soooo terrified of where they came from that they moved to N. Idaho to hide. Stop running from your shadow, it won’t hurt you.

2. Why aren’t ozone (O2) generators used in hospitals and other public places?

Several years ago there was a pet store just south of the long bridge. For over a year, whenever I would enter the store, there would be an obnoxious pet store smell. Then one day I enter and notice that the obnoxious smell was gone, replaced by a slight smell of ozone. I then see a small low powered ozone generator permanently attached about eight feet up a wall.

What ozone does is zap any organic molecules and organisms floating around in the air, including bacteria and viruses.

About a year ago a friend, whose house was up for sale, showed the house to someone who complained about the mildew smell in the root cellar. I suggested he give my high powered ozone generator a try, which he did. Not only did it kill the mildew and mold, but it killed every insect and spider in the root cellar.

The nice thing about using a high powered ozone generator to zap things is it leaves absolutely no poisonous residue. After an hour or two the ozone in the air dissipates and the room is safe to enter.

Lee Santa

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